Primary Assessment – URGENT – deadline 5pm Thursday 22nd June
Respond to Government Consultation
With an unexpected snap election over last 7 weeks and a school funding crisis, the issue of baseline and SATs has been overshadowed. However now is the time to act.
There is a live consultation and you can let government know your thoughts. There is guidance on NUT, More than a Score, and Better with Baseline websites.

Here there are thorough guides to responding. Below is a quick guide for a five minute response. All emails received by DFE count as consultation responses. You can respond to one question if you wish. Below we have selected 2 key questions. We do not suggest responses, as copied and pasted ones will not count but hopefully we make it easy to give your views, however you can copy and paste the questions below. If you want to see some suggested guidance on responding go to above websites and for baseline to http://www.betterwithoutbaseline.org.uk/what-you-can-do.html
There is NO specific question that asks about Key Stage 2 SATS and the terrible damage they do. But we suggest that you CAN give your opinions on this as part of your response.
If you only have five minutes….

Email primaryassessment.consultation@education.gov.uk
Subject: Response to Primary Assessment in England Consultation 30th March – 22nd June 2017

Question 10
10. Any form of progress measure requires a starting point. Do you agree that it is best to move to a baseline assessment in reception to cover the time a child is in primary school (reception to key stage 2)? If you agree, then please tell us what you think the key characteristics of a baseline assessment in reception should be. If you do not agree, then please explain why.
My response to this is….

Do you think that any of our proposals could have a disproportionate impact, positive or negative, on specific students, in particular those with ‘relevant protected characteristics’ (including disability, gender, race and religion or belief)? Please provide evidence to support your response.

My response to this is…….

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