Steering Comittee

John Coe (NAPE)

John Yandel (IoE)

Jess Edwards

Clyde Chitty

Sara Tomlinson

Debra Kidd

Jackie Schneider

Terry Wrigly

Emma-Anne Hardy

Alex Kenny

Chris Gibbon

Susi Arti

Louise Regan

Louise Crook

Anne Drew

Teressa Clarke

Katie Park

Steven Gibson

Susan Aitouaziz

Tracey Burton

Jo Northgate

Alison Wilmott

Lucie Capel

Fran Byrne

Dolores Ward

Sarah Beer

Deborah Mills



2 thoughts on “Steering Comittee

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  2. Its great that we have people championing for Primary children. I have both primary and secondary children and the anxiety imposed in Secondary through incessant testing is deplorable. When will there be a Secondary Charter and whom can set it up ? I am a student of early years, a childminder and a mother of four. I have watched my own child suffer anxiety and panic attacks starting from Sats in year 6 to current day ( yr 7 ) when will somebody do something ? This is not in my view educating my children. thank you

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