Parliamentary seminar on Early Years a huge success.

Over 90 people attended the Charter for Primary Education and Working Towards a National Campaign for Education parliamentary seminar on the Early Years on the 10th June. The seminar was packed full of teachers, Early Years Advisors, Early Years Professionals and others with an interest in Early Education.

The message from the seminar was clear. Current government policies are undermining children’s early educational experiences, forcing the youngest children in to overly formalised education at an age where they are simply not developmentally ready to cope with it.

The highlight of the seminar for many, was the talk from Neuropsychologist Sally Blythe who gave an excellent presentation in to dangers of focussing on the “academic” aspects of learning at the cost of focusing on children’s physical development. She talked about the necessary physical development that must take place before children are ready to sit still or to listen and concentrate for prolonged periods, to hold a pencil or count using their fingers. The PowerPoint presentation that Sally used is available to download here.

The Charter for Primary Education plans to call an open activists meeting early in Autumn term to discuss our next steps. Watch this space.

One thought on “Parliamentary seminar on Early Years a huge success.

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    Committee room 12 of the House of Commons was full to bursting for the Charter for Primary Education parliamentary seminar on Early Years Education. We will be holding an open organising meeting to plan the next steps early in the Autumn term. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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