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Too Much Too Soon Day of Action a huge success!

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Yesterday’s Day of Action called by the Too Much Too Soon campaign saw teachers, parents, childminders and campaigners come together to say that this government must change direction in Early Years education.

The campaign handed in a petition at Downing Street calling for an end to the way that ministers see the early years as a preparation for school rather than a vitally important stage in its own right. The petition called for

1) the re-establishment of the early years as a unique stage in its own right and not merely a preparation for school
2) the protection of young children’s natural developmental rights
3) the prevention of baseline testing
4) the reinstatement of the vital role of play
5) an English developmentally appropriate Foundation Stage for children between the ages of 3 and 7 (until the end of Key Stage 1)

After the petition was handed in, MPs were lobbied in parliament and then a meeting in parliament was held where experts were able to put across the huge body of evidence that exists about how the drive towards “school readiness” is damaging childrens’ educational chances.

The Charter for Primary Education will continue to support this important movement.

see more on the campaign website